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  • Are your pieces handmade..
    We source the 925 sterling silver ring bands and necklace chains from overseas. However, all the pendants & ring charms are handmade in Canada by the designer Katja Vestergaard and then attatched to the jewelry base. Most of our fabrics are produced from here in Canada.
  • How long has the Katja Vestergaard store been open..
    Katja Vestergaard has been running her business for nearly 2 years and looks forward to expanding her online store into boutiques in the near future! So stick around to see how big the brand expands!
  • Are all of the jewelry safe and nickel free..
    Yes! Customers can be assured that all jewelry is made with quality metals and does not have any nickle in them. Katja Vestergaard has many skin sensitives and allergies herself and knows how important this is for other similar people who purcahse jewelry.
  • Why does the rings sold only comes in one size..
    Since all jewerly are mostly handemade, Katja Vestergaards inventory is still growing. Most women can fit a size 7 ring on one or more of their fingers. In the near future, more sizes will be avaliable! If you need another size, please contact customer service for a custom order!
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